Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Meet some Teeswater Ewes at Lawrence Cottage

People always ask what the foundation breed for our ewes are.  We would introduce a few of our lovely ewes and their progeny for your viewing pleasure!
Shepherd Lane's Lizzie spring 2012

Lizzie is a 50% teeswater ewe.  Her foundation is Border Leicester.  Her fleece has a large loose curl structure.  She has a lot of luster in her fleece.  Given that Lizzie is only 50% teeswater she has great face & leg markings!  To date Lizzie has thrown two beautiful ewes: Lawrence Cottage's Letha in 2013 and Lawrence Cottage's Lilly in 2014.  Both were BIG lambs and are growing into nice big ewes.  They are both larger than their dam.  Both ewes are marked with the characteristic teeswater face and leg markings.  

Lawrence Cottage's Letha
Lawrence Cottage's Letha is a 75% Teeswater ewe.  Lizzie (above) is her Dam.  Her sire, Newbould's Grey Green Star is out of the UK.  She is the progeny of laproscopic artificial insemination.    Letha has the same large curl and open lock structure as her dam, Lizzie.  She is also well marked on her face and legs.  

Shepherd Lane's Lizzie with her new ewe lamb, Lawrence Cottage's Lilly, Spring 2014.  Lilly was a big lamb!  Lizzie is a very attentive mother!  Lilly was sired by Lawrence Cottage's Sunday's Best (82.25% ram).  

Lizzie has been Laproscopically AI'd to Shepherd Lane's 93% ram Majestic Playboy.  He is a solid, well marked tank of a ram lamb!  We are extremely pleased that he is covering a good portion of our ewes this year!   We are anxious to see how he grows out as a yearling!  Shepherd's Lane has bred some superior, well-marked, large bodied rams!  

Grace 50% Teeswater Ewe
Grace came to us by way of Shepherd's Lane of LaComb, Oregon.  She is a 50% Teeswater ewe, her UK Sire is Pately Prince Charming.  We understand Prince Charming throws well tempered lambs.  Grace has an excellent temperament.  She is very friendly, comes up to you in the field friendly!  She has thrown triplets each year we have bred her.  Though they have not all survived lambing.  She is getting on in years and we worry each year might be her last lambing season.  Grace's foundation ewe was a Lincoln.  She has a nice lock structure and a reasonably dense fleece.  

Her daughters are: 
Lawrence Cottage's 75% Opal & Annie Spring 2013
Sired by Newbould's Grey Green Star

Ewe lamb is Lizzie (unrelated to Grace), Ewe on right is Hazel.  Hazel's dam is Grace & Sire is Roy
Hazel has given us 2 nice ewe lambs and 1 nice ram lamb.  She has moved on to another Teeswater breeder.

Grace & her 2014 ewe lamb Lawrence Cottage's Pearl 66% teeswater.  Pearl was sired by
Lawrence Cottage's Sundays Best 82.25% ram. 
We are very happy that Super Sire, Ltd has agreed to L-AI Grace for us this fall.  She will be bred to Shepherd Lane's 93% ram lamb, Majestic Playboy.  We are planning to let Grace raise one lamb and we are preparing to bottle feed any additional lambs.  Grace throws nice lambs and we would like to see them through to adulthood!  Last fall we found that we can bottle raise lambs as well as the ewes on our goat milk.  We are freezing milk for this purpose!  

The Matriach of our flock: Meet Ruby (aka #141, aka Tarawara)

Here at Lawrence Cottage we fondly refer to her as Ruby.  She was a lovely large 50% teeswater ewe.  Her foundation was wensleydale.  Ruby's sire was the UKs Lakeland Majestic.  Ruby was a big ewe with an excellent temperament.

Her daughters are:
Shepherd Lane's Rosethea 65.6% Teeswater, twin to Sadie & Dam to Sunday's Best
Shepherd Lane's Sadie 65.6% Teeswater (twin to Rosethea)
Sadie has Ruby's sweet temperament.  Sadie comes right up to you in the pasture for attention.  She is a large ewe, like her dam.  Last year she had twin ewes, this year triplets with two ewes and one ram. 

Lawrence Cottage's Duchess 75% Teeswater
Lawrence Cottage's Duchess shorn and lazing in the barn

Lawrence Cottage's Duchess is 75% teeswater.  Her sire is UKs Rimington Playboy.  Duchess has a very sweet temperament, much like her dam.  Last year she twinned and we have retained a lovely ewe lamb.  She has been exposed to Lawrence Cottage's Over the Moon this fall (2014).  

Lawrence Cottage's Duke 75% Teeswater
Lawrence Cottage's Duke is twin to Duchess, above.  Duke was sired by UKs Rimington Playboy.  

Shepherd Lane's Minnie 65.6% Teeswater

Meet Minnie! 
Shepherd Lane's Minnie.  Minnie's foundation ewe was a Blue Face Leicester.   As her name implies, Minnie was a small ewe.  Teeswater's are not small sheep, but she was!  And so were all of her lambs.  She was bred to UKs Rimington Playboy, and she had two small rams.
Mickey, ram lamb out of Minnie and Rimington Playboy
We really liked Minnie's fleece, it had a lovely, very defined ringlet curl structure.  The locks were thin.  Minnie always had small lambs, and so she was sold to a spinner's flock.  We did keep her daughter, Minnie Mae with the hope she will throw larger lambs.  MinnieMae has grown out better than prior lambs of Minnie's and so we remain cautiously hopeful!  

Lawrence Cottage Teeswater's MinnieMae 70% Teeswater
Sire: LCT Duke Dam: SLT Minne
Lawrence Cottage's MinnieMae is slightly larger than her dam, Minne.  MinnieMae also has a lovely fleece.  She has been exposed to Lawrence Cottage's Over the Moon this fall 2014.  We will be excited to see what she throws and are hopeful Over the Moon will bring some nice face markings to the lambs!  MinnieMae does not come right up to you, but she is very friendly once caught and very easy going.  

Lawrence Cottage's Sunday's Best aka Sunday!  (82.25% Ram)
Sunday is the Sire to many of our 2014 lambs.

Sunday Drying off after a good rinse! The Staple length on that fleece is 7 inches.  Sunday  is 82.25% Teeswater  

Lawrence Cottage's Sunday is a nice sized ram.    He was sired by UKs Rimington Playboy and Shepherd Lane's Rosethea.  

Thanks for looking!
--The Ladies of Lawrence Cottage